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Adopt a Vegetarian DogDespite the fact that the evolved, inbred, untrained instinct of the canine species would appear to be to pursue a prey, whether for food, or mere sport -  just as the requirements of co-habiting in civilized surroundings have persuaded humans to mutually respect the gift of life, so it is also quite within the capabilities of “man’s best friend” to be led to comprehend that a restraint in the contemplation of destruction of another living being leads to a more fulfilling, distinctive and admirable outlook towards its inhabited environment. Countless documented cases exist of dogs sharing a home with other species, and even developing attachments that engender a protective approach towards the safety of fellow-creatures. The pleasure evident in the animal resultant from the discovery that the rewards to be obtained from a state of tender self-discipline surpass the temporary gratification of the hunter, via the considered control of savage inclinations, eventually becomes apparent. They soon begin to ascertain how the preservation of life around them has far more to offer than the taking of it.


As with children, the domestic canine is inclined to follow the example of those to whom they become devoted. Many owners actively encourage their animals to develop inherent carnivorous natures for their personal, supposed benefit. But just as you can usually train up various breeds of dog to attack, chase, or retrieve, so equally can most canines be programmed into docility and responsible behaviour. When approaching the diet of your pet, the same can safely be said. A dog fed from birth on a studiously-balanced mix of available nutrients, without the inclusion of any meat, fish or fowl extracts, will usually display scant interest in the consumption of the more “traditional” items; and weaning a dog off a previous meat regime is simply a matter of testing alternatives that appeal - even if this includes temporarily supplying it with vegetarian products of a replicated taste (see our recipe page), and only introducing the basic plant-kingdom substitutes on a gradual basis. We, the founders of this website, have witnessed this process as being entirely within the realms of possibility, without exception, and the results unfailingly beneficial to any animal, both in temperament and in the evolutionary development of a stronger resistance, both to allergies and to more serious diseases. For - just as correctly-balanced vegetarianism is acknowledged by most conscientious, contemporary nutritional scientists as supplying health benefits to the human metabolism – experience reveals that, in the long-term, a dog achieves a higher level of conditioned well-being when not required to ingest diverse or random particles extracted from the corpses of slaughtered fauna.  


Vegetarian Dogs

Though some veterinary practitioners may remain sceptical as to the universal benefits of canine vegetarianism, in the thirty years that it has been our habit to feed our dogs this way, the resultant proof from their vibrant and resilient condition has always been met with admiration from the medical experts we have encountered.  Indeed, occasionally, we have even known them to turn to us for diet advice when their own treatments failed.


Statistics prove that vegetarianism in many western nations is on the increase, and has been rising proportionally over a number of decades.  But often, prospective vegetarian pet-owners are faced with the assumed dilemma of owning an animal they imagine they will be required to nourish with food content that contravenes their own parameters of choice. It is not the intent of this website to mount a campaign against those who will remain firmly-fixed in the carnivorous principles of dog-food – although, clearly, we would prefer to learn that greater numbers had converted  to the path we ourselves pursue. But instead, we exist to provide an opportunity to own a dog, by adoption, that already subscribes to the regime which a vegetarian dog-owner might consider as correctly aligned with their own nutritional preferences. This is the motive behind ADOPT A VEGGIE DOG, and we hope you find the content informative, and appealing,  as a proposition for you to pursue to its implied and proffered logical conclusions.