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The following are in full-time residence at the website base and, accordingly, are strictly vegetarian.


Adopt a Vegetarian Dog

MOLLY (female).

Retrieved from the middle of a busy road outside Albox, in November 2013, looking completely lost, without knowing which direction to take to find a way home. She was In good condition, but no form of identity. Adverts placed everywhere, but no claimant came forward. About 18 months old. A wonderful, obedient, house-trained, loving companion that everyone instantly falls for.  She looks a little like a white Arctic Fox, with a big, bushy white tail. She has her passport, microchip and vaccination papers all in order, now, and has been speyed.


Vegetarian Dogs

Alfie and Misty (Alfie, the male, is the one nearest the camera). Two adult Podencos, both about 5 years old. Recovered on separate occasions, but now inseparable. Accordingly, they would require to be adopted as a pair. Alfie was literally at death’s door, just skin and bone from lack of food and water, barely remaining on his feet, in the middle of the High Street in Taberno, Almeria Province, outside a bar full of socialising people - but no-one was paying him any attention. Within a month of eating good wholesome food, and regular TLC, he was well on his way to recovery. He had no identification but now has all his papers, microchip and vaccinations.


Misty, the female (furthest from the camera) was rescued from the main street in Velez Rubio, Almeria province, on the road leading towards Velez Blanco, where she had apparently been abandoned - since we were told by a local caretaker that she had been standing there for over 24 hours, waiting for her owners to return. She was in good condition, but without any means of identification. Furthermore, she was pregnant and, a month later, gave birth to nine puppies - eight of which feature below, as now seeking a safe home. Both Alfie and Misty are extremely swift runners, and require regular freedom to exercise, so an apartment residence would not be suitable. She, also, has all her identity papers. etc., now, and has been speyed.


The following are Misty’s puppies - all about 2 years old, and in superb health, having been strictly vegetarian from birth. They all seven have their identity chips, passports, and vaccinations. None have been doctored to date. It is not known what kind of dog the father is, but it is to be assumed that he was also a Podenco, as none of them appear to manifest any traits of other breeds. The females are kept separate from all other male dogs on the premises. They all have 2 hectares of field in which to run for an hour, three times daily - males and females taking it in turns. They have terrific energy and are very swift runners. Collectively, they are boisterous and affectionate. Individually, they quickly become quieter and more manageable.


They are as follows –


FRIDA  (female)                              FRESCA  (female)


PHOEBE  (female)   FINA  (female)


FIGO  (male)            FABIO  (male)


FANTA  (male)


The following dog is the eighth puppy of Misty’s litter. He differs from the others in that he is at a neighbouring premises, having been provisionally adopted by someone who has now developed a paralysing disease, and is unable to continue caring for his animals. The next four dogs listed are all in this situation, and the neighbour is keen to find new homes for them. In addition, he is only at the house on his property for one day per fortnight. Accordingly, three of the four dogs have been fed for the past three years, during the owner’s absence, by the Adoptaveggiedog householders (failing this, they would have been left merely a small supply of stale bread and the odd bone - supposedly to keep them going in the owner’s absence). Therefore, they are, in theory, non-vegetarian just one day per fortnight - but since they have grown accustomed to their vegetarian diet, it is the case that they tend to reject any non-vegetarian food offered to them by the neighbour, their current owner. Of course, he finds this difficult to understand, but tries to adapt on his rare visits to his house, to providing some semblance of the food they are now regularly fed. Since he is not vegetarian himself, he is sometimes at a loss as to what to offer them, and regularly asks advice. Therefore, it may be said that these next four dogs are certainly 95% vegetarian - and mostly as a matter of preference.


FANGIO  (male)    CHAUCHE  (male)







TWIX  (male)

Twix is a loving, energetic and completely amiable mongrel who turned up at the neighbours house some three years ago, befriended Duque (see below), and stayed, to be near his friend.  He is a little larger than the Podenco litter, but makes an excellent guard-dog and longs to be made a fuss of and be in more extensive human company. He is about three years old.




DUQUE  (male)

Duque is a total hero, as he is completely blind (the owner used to saturate the poor dog’s coat with an anti-tick powder meant exclusively for goats, which is highly toxic, and which I have repeatedly seen dogs go quickly, and progressively, blind as a consequence of its misuse), but he has a resilient, contented temperament second to none. Just sensing that he is in human company places him in a state of thrilled bliss, and, since he has spent most of his life chained up by his owner - unable to leave a 6-metre radius from his kennel - his permanently positive state of morale is a joy to witness. He once slipped his chain and disappeared into the countryside for a full three days - unlocatable, despite the extensive searches made. At the end of this period, he was spotted calmly finding his way home, picking up his feet in a high-stepping trot, as usual, to avoid stumbling through some uneven terrain. His general state of health has improved enormously since adopting a vegetarian diet.



ESTRELLA  (female)

The following dog is the latest to be recovered. Her name is Estrella - a name given to her by an old farmer living near where she was found, who said he was in the habit of leaving water out for her and occasionally feeding her a little bread. He said that she had been roaming his area, wild and abandoned, for over a month. He was sure she was not pregnant - but of course he was mistaken! Two weeks after being rescued she gave birth to a litter of seven. They are now one week old, and in due course, when of suitable age, and having been given identities and passports, will be placed up for adoption on this website. The photo was taken a couple of day after the rescue - hence the poor condition of the dog at the time. She is improving daily, despite the effort of being an attentive and amply-providing mother to her pups.




LINDA  (female)

Another neighbor has asked that we put his dog, Linda, up for adoption also, as his large chicken-shed has burnt down - incinerating 15.000 recently-delivered pullets - and he is no longer able to cope. She is also on a chain at her kennel, two kilometres from her owner’s residence - supposedly guarding a goat shed - and the owner never lets her go free. Nor is she fully vegetarian, since her owner occasionally leaves her small quantities of some unknown animal kibble. But the adoptaveggiedog household regularly take her copious vegetarian meals, which she relishes, and when she has this alternative she simply doesn’t bother with the non-veggie kibble. So you could say she was 80% vegetarian. She is an extremely loving animal who longs for someone to offer her a change from her solitary lifestyle.